Liberating the true value of content

ORFIUM is a technology company providing software, data, and licensing solutions for the entertainment industry’s most complex problems around music, content and rights management.


Built by industry experts on state of the art technology, underpinned by proven AI/ML models, with a first-in-class track record for efficiency and effectiveness.
Software Solutions
Software Solutions
Automated, data driven, cloud-based software to empower Rightsholders, Collective Management Organizations, and DSPs.
Data Solutions
Data Solutions
Comprehensive and scalable data solutions designed to overcome the entertainment industry’s most challenging data obstacles.
Licensing Solutions
Licensing Solutions
Robust and flexible licensing solutions that facilitate a healthy entertainment industry ecosystem for all stakeholders.
Tailored Solutions
Tailored Solutions
Tailored rights management solutions that empower organizations to effectively manage rights, bring intelligence to your operations, and grow revenues with maximum efficiency.



An Intelligence first approach to problem solving
We use technology, data, and domain expertise to help our partners overcome their most challenging obstacles.
Our AI/ML modules train on billions of data points and help our partners maximize the commercial value of their IP.
We offer modular, interoperable solutions adaptable for any partner’s needs.


We stay on top of all the latest trends in content rights management so you don’t have to.
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