2022 Production Music Association Conference Presented by ORFIUM

License your content seamlessly to creators while protecting your assets from unlicensed usage. ORFIUM delivers the most powerful licensing software to the production music industry and is unrivaled in terms of revenue returns.

Welcome to Licensing in the 21st Century

Say goodbye to admin-heavy UGC claims
ORFIUM proactively clears licenses on UGC platforms meaning fewer headaches and customer service emails for you. ORFIUM’s SyncTracker product ensures that all music licensed to creators receive no UGC claims.
Easily view and track important license analytics
ORFIUM’s powerful reporting allows you to view and track important license analytics and easily edit, create and disable licenses. Review usage, assets, videos and license numbers on a channel or user basis.
Seamless sync means fewer headaches for you
ORFIUM’s APIs work directly with UGC platforms meaning each license is correctly aligned with your business and customers needs. We generate and validate unique codes, set with specific parameters and can work on a channel, video or asset usage basis.
We work around the clock so you don’t have to
Sleep soundly knowing that ORFIUM’s technology is working even when you’re not. We offer both managed and automatic licensing solutions via web UI, or via a direct API linked to your sales database.
Global team to support global businesses
No matter where you are in the world, we have you covered. With offices in Malibu, Athens, London and Japan, should anything arise in any timezone, a member of our team is ready to help.
Bespoke licensing solutions to meet your business needs
If you need a bespoke solution, we’re here to help. We understand the industry and know that each business can have different needs. ORFIUM is here to meet the needs of the industry and is happy to offer a tailor made solution for you.

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